Monthly Archives: April 2015

Spiritual or Religious

I am a very spiritual person. I am a very un religious person.

I have visited, talked and read about many many many religions and philosophies.  Even the seemingly most open minded of them have certain guidelines/rules/ways of doing things that everyone has to agree with or share in to a large degree.  And there are disputes between members when things are not done that way because one or more persons has become attached to a certain prayer or ritual or words.

It seems to trouble some people that I am not some label of spiritual.

Labels themselves are really not very helpful, I’ve decided.

spiritual energy increases peace around the world

How about doing meditation by individual or groups sending spiritual energy for peace/light and love at all times ??

coordinated or not? Just everyone doing it every day, several times every day?.

If you aren’t aware, there have been “tests” done – in various cities, Washington DC the best known – that show reduction in violent crime during the weeks that specific meditation was done.

What Changed?

From one day to the next and sometimes from one minute to the next.

I can move from a negative unhappy thought or state of being to the opposite and visa versa

I can change my mind consciously and if I’m not paying attention it often slips from something happy/positive/constructive/service oriented to the opposite.

Conscious living is what it’s all about for me