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Permanence or Impermanence?

So, I’m sitting practicing active waiting.  As I watch the thoughts in my mind I realize that everything it thinks is impermanent.

Everything?  Yep, everything – all the “important” matters I think I need to figure out and have answers to . the I is the mind and it thinks it needs to figure these things out.  My wise self knows that all those things will change regardless of what I do or how much I think about them.

So, my wise self brings me the permanent, the knowing of my purpose to be of service; the knowing that purpose is the only thing of import – the actions I take toward that bring permanence – a legacy if you will. My actions of service with loving kindness – always result in positive and permanent change in the world.

So, what is permanent?    The soul, spirit connection is permanent; practicing spiritual principles



It only takes a moment- REALLY! Find your breath and pay attention while you pause to take 3 or 4 breaths (or however many u have time for) You don’t have to be in a special place or certain position. You don’t have to empty your mind (in fact that usually provokes irritation or anxiety). Meditation is not about struggling to stop your body mind or heart from doing what it does. Meditation is about being with your breath for any moment or series of moments, being aware of just you with some deep, slow, conscious breathing.

You become aware of your physical senses, feelings or thoughts — you take another conscious breath — feeling the breath moving into any of those, noticing exactly how they feel, look, change and move. And then you notice just your surroundings, something that you hadn’t previously noticed and come back to calm, carrying on with whatever you were doing – calmer