Healing with Courage – Counterintuitive Action

Courage is not FREEDOM FROM FEAR but the willingness to go forward in spite of it –

Those thoughts and emotions that sometimes stop us in our tracks

Unbidden they come – sometimes seemingly from nowhere.

What triggers them we may not know.

We do know to question them – are they valid? – is there something we need to fight or flee in this moment?

If not, then what?

We take a look at them – we take a feel of them

We allow ourselves to give them a bit of attention ONLY to ask—-

What is it?    What are you? Is there anything I can learn here? Is there anything valid or helpful here?

Is anything being presented that needs a bit of extra attention so that it can heal?

Ask to be open to anything that can deepen healing understanding

Practice leaning into that; take the counterintuitive action instead of trying to get away

Breathe into and towards it again. Bring the breath of life spirit there, loving kindness, allow it to be exactly what it is, embrace it; expand the center of your heart space to allow it more space. Notice it move and change and eventually become am entegrated part of your healed whole.

Then you can easily and freely change your awareness to something happy, joyous and loving

Breathe deeply into the core of who you are

Breathe deeply into the peace, comfort, security and wisdom and loving kindness

Danette Banyai – CHt, Health Educator, Spiritual Counselor                                                   danette@recoverymeditations.com   805-218-5793

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