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Danette Banyai is a certified hypnotherapist with a degree in public health education specializing in mindfulness practice, guided imagery and trauma recovery. She also has training as a grief/loss counselor, spiritual counselor, financial educator and business consultant.

Danette has personal experience with many treatment modalities and brings a broad range of wholistic  healing opportunities to others.   One of the most powerful is Mindfulness training; focused on conscious breath and very simple meditation techniques this training provides people with the ability to relax, reduce stress and realize a greater ability to integrate physical, emotional and mental conditions as a part of a healed whole.”


Danette Banyai – an older woman – perhaps in better condition then most. A spiritual seeker, with many interesting side trips, which are sometimes called distractions.

Along my path, I’ve accumulated degrees and certifications in many subjects and about many things.  Those include:  substance abuse counseling; grief & loss recovery counseling; public health education; trauma recovery; hypnotherapy; therapeutic meditation and guided imagery; mindfulness training; spiritual counseling; business consulting; financial education; housing and credit counseling.

I have achieved and attained all of this as part of my personal healing and growth.

I am intuitive and empathic.

I am a mother and a grandmother.

My purpose is to heal myself, help other heal and provide spiritual service

One thought on “About Me

  1. I thought I “knew” you. Now I realize that you are much much more, and EVEN more special and accomplished, than I imagined!

    However, I cannot believe you’re a grandmother. Unless you and your son or daughter each had a child at the age of 10. 🙂

    Cherie, Life After Brain Injury

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