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Healing with Courage – Counterintuitive Action

Courage is not FREEDOM FROM FEAR but the willingness to go forward in spite of it –

Those thoughts and emotions that sometimes stop us in our tracks

Unbidden they come – sometimes seemingly from nowhere.

What triggers them we may not know.

We do know to question them – are they valid? – is there something we need to fight or flee in this moment?

If not, then what?

We take a look at them – we take a feel of them

We allow ourselves to give them a bit of attention ONLY to ask—-

What is it?    What are you? Is there anything I can learn here? Is there anything valid or helpful here?

Is anything being presented that needs a bit of extra attention so that it can heal?

Ask to be open to anything that can deepen healing understanding

Practice leaning into that; take the counterintuitive action instead of trying to get away

Breathe into and towards it again. Bring the breath of life spirit there, loving kindness, allow it to be exactly what it is, embrace it; expand the center of your heart space to allow it more space. Notice it move and change and eventually become am entegrated part of your healed whole.

Then you can easily and freely change your awareness to something happy, joyous and loving

Breathe deeply into the core of who you are

Breathe deeply into the peace, comfort, security and wisdom and loving kindness

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Permanence or Impermanence?

So, I’m sitting practicing active waiting.  As I watch the thoughts in my mind I realize that everything it thinks is impermanent.

Everything?  Yep, everything – all the “important” matters I think I need to figure out and have answers to . the I is the mind and it thinks it needs to figure these things out.  My wise self knows that all those things will change regardless of what I do or how much I think about them.

So, my wise self brings me the permanent, the knowing of my purpose to be of service; the knowing that purpose is the only thing of import – the actions I take toward that bring permanence – a legacy if you will. My actions of service with loving kindness – always result in positive and permanent change in the world.

So, what is permanent?    The soul, spirit connection is permanent; practicing spiritual principles



It only takes a moment- REALLY! Find your breath and pay attention while you pause to take 3 or 4 breaths (or however many u have time for) You don’t have to be in a special place or certain position. You don’t have to empty your mind (in fact that usually provokes irritation or anxiety). Meditation is not about struggling to stop your body mind or heart from doing what it does. Meditation is about being with your breath for any moment or series of moments, being aware of just you with some deep, slow, conscious breathing.

You become aware of your physical senses, feelings or thoughts — you take another conscious breath — feeling the breath moving into any of those, noticing exactly how they feel, look, change and move. And then you notice just your surroundings, something that you hadn’t previously noticed and come back to calm, carrying on with whatever you were doing – calmer


The Oxford Dictionary defines the term (HOME) in a variety of ways, with its fourth listing providing perhaps the most progressive description:

A place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates.

 This definition resonates in a spiritual sense – home is the place inside each of us that we seek when nothing outside is any longer sufficient.

 The place where loving kindness flourishes, is most typically found and from which it originates.

 When we find that place and spend time there, loving kindness becomes the truth of who we are, the core of being.

 Loving kindness is the light that shines out and precedes us in all our words, thoughts and actions.

We all have this memory of home coded deeply into our cells and soul.

REMEMBER where home really is and your life becomes dramatically different.

Spiritual or Religious

I am a very spiritual person. I am a very un religious person.

I have visited, talked and read about many many many religions and philosophies.  Even the seemingly most open minded of them have certain guidelines/rules/ways of doing things that everyone has to agree with or share in to a large degree.  And there are disputes between members when things are not done that way because one or more persons has become attached to a certain prayer or ritual or words.

It seems to trouble some people that I am not some label of spiritual.

Labels themselves are really not very helpful, I’ve decided.

spiritual energy increases peace around the world

How about doing meditation by individual or groups sending spiritual energy for peace/light and love at all times ??

coordinated or not? Just everyone doing it every day, several times every day?.

If you aren’t aware, there have been “tests” done – in various cities, Washington DC the best known – that show reduction in violent crime during the weeks that specific meditation was done.

What Changed?

From one day to the next and sometimes from one minute to the next.

I can move from a negative unhappy thought or state of being to the opposite and visa versa

I can change my mind consciously and if I’m not paying attention it often slips from something happy/positive/constructive/service oriented to the opposite.

Conscious living is what it’s all about for me

Space and Spiritual Connection

We change from unconscious to conscious with practice  —

engaging and expanding that space

The more we practice , the less constricted we are by

any distracting and disturbing thoughts and emotions.

The space in the mind and the space in the heart connect.

The more space there is the more our spirit connects with the core of what we are – at one with – at ease and peace with everything that’s ever been and will ever be

“Between stimulus and response there’s a space, in that space lies our power to choose our response, in our response lies our growth and our freedom.” From psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl.

There exists a moment of choice – a space – between action and reaction – For most of us, we’re unaware of this space “between stimulus and response” because we are stuck in unconscious habitual patterns.