Fear to Faith – Acceptance to Forgiveness


What is the fear
That so often shows up as anger?

Of being hurt?   Being left?   Being alone?
Of feelings that hurt – feelings we’ve avoided
Unresolved betrayals, traumas, losses

We start with sharing with another
Someone who understands and doesn’t judge

We begin to trust
We find some level of acceptance
To find relief, love and peace
Feelings can be shared
Feelings can be felt
Feelings pass by being felt
Healing occurs as feelings are felt

Wounds heal as we accept them
We are gentle with ourselves

As we would be with a dearly beloved

We forgive in order to find peace
Forgiveness is the release of whatever expectations we held
The fear and anger recede
They may return

Each time, the pain lessens
Each time, the faith strengthens

Each time, faith is formed
Deeper and deeper – creating the foundation

Knowing, remembering the truth of who we are and what our purpose is

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