Seriously Spiritual – Soul Seeking

Knowing with the mind is limited to what the mind knows
> meditative Sitting Knowing is unlimited
> Sitting – practice, quiet , calm
> Breathing deep and healing into the core of what we are 

——–More then body  heart and mind – all of that and more
> Connected to all that’s ever been and will ever be
Knowing from that source
Knowing with that wisdom
> Comes all
> Clarity Love Light
> Integration Transformation
> Sit somewhere quietly – take a breath and say “I am here”
> (Repeat Repeat and Repeat)
> Allow yourself – gift yourself
> Sitting Knowing


If you are already on your soul seeking path, please write to us with your experieinces.

If you are wondering about seeking soul, consider the following:

Many people share the same thoughts and feelings and words about a sense that they are missing something, that they experience a void or lack that they recognize regardless of how healthy, wealthy, successful or not they might be.  This is especially true for people who find themselves seeking relief in some obsessive compulsive behavior – those of us who are overly sensitive to stimuli and try to calm things down or try to get away with rushes of adrenaline/power – oftentimes this relief seeking results in abuse to ourselves in one way or another.

Ultimately we all realize we must come to terms with whatever is pushing us to the most important thing we are seeking. Hopefully the pain we cause ourselves is interrupted in some way and we can start to seek the spiritual solution that provides positive healing.

Many people who follow a spiritual path, believe that we are all connected in some way, depening on our particular beliefs or understanding of the universe.

Many of us have realized that when we meditate, we can observe our thoughts, our feelings and our bodies so if that is the case, what is the part of us that is observing these other parts as tho they are separate from ?

Is the soul the thing that is separate from the body, mind and emotions? (call it spirit, soul, god whatever fits for you). Is it the part that we rest with in prayer and meditation? Is it the part that is connected to universal energy?

Many people believe that we are energy and that we are energetically connected to everything else that lives and has ever lived and will ever live – a universal consciousness/energy.

We are seekers of our souls – we walk with our feet firmly planted on the ground and our spirits open to the god spirit consciousness
that provides the deep understanding that we crave.


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